Tiers Of Writers On GSN

The number of writing contracts on GSN will be awarded primarily based on budget. This budget will be variable in a near real time and means that the number of posts purchased will vary not simply week to week, but also day to day.  A cornerstone of how I wish to do business is that I want all vendors of GSN to feel comfortable in knowing where they fit in on the hierarchy.  They may not always be happy with where they stand, but they should know where they stand.  To this end we will have a tier system for our writers based on the commitment expected between GSN and them.

Tier 1 Writers

Tier 1 writers are the foundation to GSN.  These are the writers that are expected to provide posts on a consistent basis, and they in turn expect to know they will continue to be paid for posts on a consistent basis. They agree to an approximate amount of post creation per week, and for that they are the writers with the highest guarantee of work. Tier 1 writers also have the most leeway for determining post topics.

Tier 2 Writers

Tier 2 writers have no specific on going agreement.  When GSN has extra revenue they will be contacted with a specific offer for number of posts.  Such as, “We’d like 4 posts by Friday.”, that may or may not have specific topic requirements.  Many times these writers will be tasked with specific topics for SEO purposes such as, “We’d like 8 posts on new products Amazon AWS announced this week.”

Tier 3 Writers

Tier 3 writers genuinely are expected to have little by way of a day to day relationship with GSN.  These are full fledged professional subject matter experts that will be asked for a series of posts about their area of expertise.  Such as, “I see you just deployed Alexa to a business client, would you be willing to write 4-8 posts about the experience?”

Using a system like this it makes it easier for writers to plan and set expectations.  A Tier 1 writer that has an agreement for 2 posts per week generally knows they can budget for an additional $200 per month.  On the other hand a Tier 2 writer that has been writing 10 posts a week for 2 months knows that this should be counted as extra money, and not plan any long term expenses based on it.

As always contracts are only absolutely guaranteed based on the actual written agreement, but this post serves as a written blueprint of how I think of writers and how I plan to work with them going forward.

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