Hack Your Car with Macchina

March 2, 2017 Vince Polston 2

The Macchina M2 is an Arduino-based project that allows you to connect to your automobile’s computer and send/receive commands. This allows you to do simple tasks such as remotely unlocking your car […]


MIT’s Push for Ubiquitous Voice Control

March 1, 2017 Randy Tarasevich 0

Researchers at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory announced last week the development of a new, low-power microchip designed specifically for processing continuous automatic speech recognition in automobiles, robots, […]


Intel Joule Module For IoT

February 22, 2017 Randy Tarasevich 6

The Joule compute module is Intel’s third generation multi-purpose microelectronics development board.   Released in August 2016, the Joule is a complete System-on-Module (SoM) designed for embedded use in robotics, drones, […]


Raspberry Pi PIXEL OS Updated

February 10, 2017 Paris Hunter 6

The Raspberry Pi Foundation just released an updated version of their namesake OS system called PIXEL, which was refined for use on their Raspberry Pi devices (Raspberry Pi 3, the […]


Android Instant Apps

January 27, 2017 Taylor Hutchinson 0

Google announced last year at Google I/O in the next year it will introduce something called Instant Apps. Some Android users are already starting to see this new feature implemented […]

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