Rapist Mentality And GSN

I’m too fucking old, tired, busy and successful to deal with this shit!

Unfortunately many folks in the tech world learned their manners while playing Call of Duty and watching melodramatic movies about Wall Street. They think pushing harder, being more vulgar, and not backing down are a sign of success and skill rather than the truth that those behaviors are simply seen as obnoxious. If a person doesn’t say “yes” then  all you need to do is be more aggressive and they’ll succumb.


GSN in no way accepts this as an appropriate way to do business, nor to simply live as a decent human being.  We always seek to be as honest as possible and always try to make sure the people we deal with know their options.  You may think our prices are high, but we’ll never hard sell you into a sponsorship.  You may thinking our writing payments are low, but we’ll never hard sell you into writing for us.  We do business based on cold hard math, and whether or not you like the end result of our reasoning everyone should understand it and be able to take the actions they feel most comfortable with.

I, Eli, will not accept, nor tolerate strong arming and belligerence in this business. It has no place here, and I have zero tolerance for it.  Whether you are a writer, sponsor, vendor, or anything else if you try this horse crap with me, or the people that support this business I will black list you for life with zero sleep lost. Not only will you carry no weight with GSN, but I will purposely use your story with brand name attached whenever I can just to drive the point home that I will not support anyone who supports this type of behavior.

None of us owe anyone else anything. We work together out of common respect and interests, and in doing so trade services and money. I personally don’t have time for people who imagine they’re special and in some way deserve deference simply because their parents did a bad job of raising them.

Please keep this in mind when professionally dealing with GSN.  And for any startup founders out there you would do well to take a minute and really think about how you treat people and whether you really feel comfortable with your own actions…

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  1. Wow – wondering what precipitating event brought your very clear post! Rhetorical question: don’t need yet another story that illustrates the points you make. The problem is real and while not limited to the tech world by any means, it is characteristic even in the simple observation “user error”. Once the user (or any “other”) is established as the problem, constructive approaches to problem solving go right out the window with a patronizing wind fluttering blackout curtains that settle down again to preserve freedom from learning.

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