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Anyone –

Do you know anything about telecommunications? Have you ever worked for a phone company?

Can you please explain to me, why in the hell is it so damn hard for me to get simultaneous call forwarding activated with my phone company? Or what in the world am I doing wrong when requesting/describing it to the phone provider?

What I want:

I want to forward phone (1) to phone (2).

I do not want anyone that is calling phone (1) to receive a busy signal after its number has been forwarded to phone (2), whether because someone else is calling (1) at the same time, or because someone picked up phone (2) etc.


Phone provider for phone (1) says, “uhhh you mean a hunt group? uhhh I think you mean call waiting” No. I mean exactly what I said. Simultaneous call forwarding. Up to 99 callers should be able to call phone (1) at the same time, which I forward to phone (2), and not ever receive a busy signal when this service is activated.

I do not need more trunk lines. Callers 2, 3, 4, 5 etc., that are calling behind caller 1 who is now on the line with phone (2), do not need to be sent over to another line to speak with someone, they only need to hear the phone ringing, as opposed to a busy signal.

The USOC, Universal Service Order Code, is ESD, at least with AT&T. I thought USOCs were universal across phone service providers, but only AT&T is familiar with this it seems. This might make some sense given the nexus of AT&T and what I read on wikipedia though. No other telecoms I have spoken with seem to even know what a USOC is.

Can anyone please provide anything that might help me get this activated with the phone company? It is, FOR A FACT, 100%, absolutely possible, and an actual service activated at the central office. What words, phrases, jargon am I missing when speaking to them that might help them understand what I need?

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