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I know you have said you don’t think VR is going to take over the world.  But what about AR?

I think AR could bee amazing for many business situations, such as if a landfill engineer had AR they could overlay the proposed top of landfill to show the construction crew in real life where it would be.  Also architects or interior designers could show the proposed plans to the clients laying over the CAD into real world.

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AR has a very real potential of taking off, whereas VR should die as quickly as possible. Having worked in construction for a few years, I see many opportunities for applied AR in that sector in particular. I was one of the few dudes on site who religiously wore my safety glasses.  I always thought about how cool it would be if they had AR capabilities.  For example, I was always misplacing my tape measure and I wasn’t the best at reading the tape measure so I had wanted the ability to look at an object (or objects) and have the measurements I needed displayed as an overlay in my safety glasses, (length, width, height, distance, pitch, etc.).  Very useful to not have to take out my tape measure and take manual measurements all day.

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