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I’m currently working on learning the MEAN stack and though I find Node/Express interesting, I’m not in love with MongoDB…I prefer SQL db’s.

Is MEAN the future?  Or something else?  Should I continue learning mongo,express,angular,node and related stuff if I’m not in love with it?  I’m not currently a tech professional but I’m working toward becoming one in the future.

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1 min 10 sec is him saying tip for question.
1 hour 10 min is him answering the question thoroughly.
i went from thinking wow hes stiff about the tip thing to thinking wow thats awesome that he gave it an authentic detailed look. i dont know which time code is correct but without Anonymous’ clarification i might have left with a different idea of how eli deals with questions on the site.

thanks Anonymous and thanks Eli for the genuine answer.

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I’ve managed half a dozen LAMP web applications, and half a dozen MEAN web applications over the course of my career. The company I work for handles about 10 million API transactions per month on both tech stacks.

Generally speaking, you can build very successful web applications on any common technology stack. Each stack has it’s pros and cons, but if you understand the stacks, and you build the product right, then you can have a lot of success.

In my experience, however, it is more difficult to scale a PHP application than it is to scale a Node.js application. It has nothing to do with the languages, but rather, how the developers built the applications.

In PHP, my developers tend to build huge monolithic applications and they tend to mix the presentation layer and the business logic layer. Again, this has nothing to do with PHP, but rather, how people typically build PHP applications in my experience.

In Node.js (or Python even), it is more natural to build a service-based or microservice-based architecture. And those services are easier to scale independently.

Learn whatever your boss needs you to learn.

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I also wanted to mention that you don’t have to use MongoDB in the MEAN stack.

Just because most people use MongoDB with Angular, Node.js and Express, doesn’t mean that you have to follow the herd.

The application that I mentioned in the last post (~10 million API transactions per month) is a MEAN stack application, except we use MySQL instead of MongoDB. It’s very easy to use MySQL in Node.js. You don’t have to use MongoDB.

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