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Hi Eli,

I know you’ll probably hate this question but that’s ok lol. I was just wondering in your experience if you have come across a lot of Internet based IT jobs? Currently I am an IT Tech for a local company. I was hoping that at some point in my career, I would be able to have an internet based IT job. I have looked at different places like Upwork and fiver, but they all seem to have very specific things that you need to be experience in. Also it seems like a lot of people overseas will bid out the job for a very low amount of money. Thanks for taking the time to look at this, I am really asking this because I hate dealing with people face to face lol. Love your show and the information you give us. Thank you very much, you were a huge help when I applied and got hired at the job I am currently at.

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micah4232 18 Rep.

I would say have you ever heard of conduent? they have home based jobs for IT work. Or maybe even WayUp….. just to ponder

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