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I’m a young egotistical 18-year old feed up in my own crap. I’m a moderate level of a programmer, but I tend to stick to video game programming. I started it as a hobby when I was in high school, and pulled shit out of my ass and put a price tag on it. I made a thousand, but I was 16, and spent it on dumb shit like pizza. I only had one “real job” last summer for Wal-Mart, and made some money to buy computer and servers for fun, programming and learning new things. But I was terminated, and now I relocated and tried college multiple times, but I don’t see the value of going in debt to be bored waiting to get a piece of paper. So this year, I spent my tax return to incorporate my self-employment work I’ve been doing the past 2-3 years to open doors with more opportunities.

————-Annoying Back Story Ended————-

Anyways, the question I have is how to make a hobby into a profit, with re-branding myself as a company instead of an individual. I published old project under my old username “GTAWWEKID”, but incorporating under that seemed like it would be a trademark infringement, so I went over to Tactician Studios LLC. I’ve signed over most my agreements to the company, and got a 2nd member who is a current friend who wants to help for tax benefits of a partnership; but now it’s making the product the next few months, but surviving until then.

I forgot where I’m going with this #Don’tNeedAnAnswer and I’m awaiting to here you call me how stupid I am doing all of this crap, at least I’m not spending my money towards a MCSE xD

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