Android Instant Apps

January 27, 2017 Taylor Hutchinson 0

Google announced last year at Google I/O in the next year it will introduce something called Instant Apps. Some Android users are already starting to see this new feature implemented […]


Compressing Images With

January 25, 2017 Vince Polston 0 is a freemium web based image optimizer that works by using compression algorithms to condense the file size of images. The free web interface is capable of compressing images of […]


Project Soli – Radar For Wearables

January 24, 2017 Vince Polston 0

Project Soli is being developed by Google ATAP as a new sensor technology that can track sub-millimeter motions with accuracy. Unlike traditional sensor technology involving cameras, lenses, and many moving […]

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Daily Show

30,000 MongoDB Servers Hacked

January 20, 2017 Eli the Computer Guy 0

  US Army Bug Bounty – Apple AirPod – ProtonMail Volunteer Work – Uber Pay Issues – Waymo Internet Security –

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