Nimbelink LTE Modem Shields For Arduino

If you’re looking to build IoT devices using the Arduino platform Nimbelink offers the Skywire Arduino Cellular Shield for approx. $50.  This shield allows you to add any of Nimbelink’s Skywire Cellular modems to your Arduino project.  Essentially you add the Cellular Shield to the Arduino, and then add the Skywire Modem of your choice. Skywire modems generally cost around $99.

Nimbelink offers numerous cellular modems ranging from 2G, 3G and multiple categories of LTE.  This can be valuable for testing how your IoT products work under different cellular services to pin point the best price/ performance technology. The Skywire modems are FCC and carrier-required end-device-certification so you do not have to worry about testing or certification of the modem itself and focus squarely on the rest of your project.

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