Monsterborg + ThunberBorg = Raspberry Pi Powered Offroad Robot

MonsterBorg is a Raspberry Pi powered offroad 4 wheel robot. The robot is also able to be equipped with a Pi camera for remotely viewing from your mobile device. The product is actually two parts; the ThunderBorg and the MonsterBorg.

ThunderBorg – A controller board that integrates with a Raspberry Pi that acts as a 5 amp motor controller. This controller allows the user to control the speed of two 5 amp DC motors. You can also daisy chain up to 50 ThunderBorgs; allowing you to control 100 individual motors (connected to a single Raspberry Pi).

The ThunderBorg’s power source is also able to power the Raspberry Pi itself. Another hardware accessory is the ThunderBorg Lid; allowing you to power the device with 10x AA batteries. This gives the user and estimated of three hours of usage.

MonsterBorg – A 3mm aluminum chassis with 4″ wheels powered by four 300 RPM Zhengke motors. The MonsterBorg requires no soldering to connect to the ThunderBorg. It also has a place to mount a Raspberry Pi camera.

PiBorg, the company behind the project, has also provided software to help users build and control their robot. This includes a GUI for controlling the motors as well as different libraries for modifying what the robot does through Python.

At the time of writing MonterBorg is in a Kickstarter campaign and has nearly 10x its funding goal.

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