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A useful search tool that Google offers is it’s ability to search based off of images.  There are times when you want to try to find the source of an image, or find like images, and with Google Image Search you can literally drag, drop and search based on an image on Google.

I use this on a regular basis for work related to GSN.  My writers have a nasty tendency to want to get me sued into the the poor house, and many times submit copyrighted images with their posts. With Google Image Search I simply download their submitted images to my desktop, and then run them through Google to see what pops up.

Beyond that I can also use the image search function to try to verify the identity of people that I am communicating with.  I grab their profile picture from LinkedIn, Gravatar, Facebook, etc and then run a search based on it.  If that image corresponds to other people’s profiles I know it’s being used fraudulently. Image Search seems like a fancy toy for grown kids, but like many tools it can actually be an invaluable resource.

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