The idea for Geek Sexy News came after I interviewed the CEO of Cujo, an IoT Device Security Company.  While I was talking with him at some point I asked about other news coverage of his product, and products like his that are launched on Kickstarter.  The CEO simply stated that no one writes about tech Kickstarter projects anymore.

I realized an odd thing has happened in the tech news space.  As technology becomes easier to create and get into peoples hands the tech news sites that are well known have become much worse at talking about technology well.  They write about Unicorn Startups, and their fancy offices, but they don’t talk about actual technology.

Think about it… who writes about GEIST… Triplite… Rittal..? Who writes about Smart PDU’s… Intel Edison… LTE Categories..?  These topics take people who not only can write, but who have industry experience to know what they are talking about.

The goal of Geek Sexy News is to give technology professionals and enthusiasts easy to read posts with ideas that readers can takeaway to go out and solve the problems that they are dealing with.

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